In eighties when movement against autocratic ruler was in pick in Bangladesh, when socialism was at the verge of fall in the world, Bangladesh Khelafat Majlis started its journey on 8th December, 1989 with an Opening National Conference held at Engineers’ Institution Auditorium, Ramna, Dhaka. Khelafat Majlis was a united form especially of then Bangladesh Khelafat Andolon lead by Shaikhul Hadith Maulana Azizul Huq and Bangladesh Islami Jubo Shibir lead by Professor Ahmad Abdul Quader. It was appeared as a union of true ulama (religious figures) and Islamic scholars (general educated) which was a new dimension in the political movement in Bangladesh.

`Form a mass movement to establish Khelafat’- keeping this slogun in front Khelafat Majlis has continued its efforts and movement for the benefit of the Country, People and Islam. From the beginning Khelafat Majlis has been playing its roles in all the national and religious movement like- Anti-autocratic movement of 90th, Protest movement against demolish of historical Babori Mosque in India, Historical Ayodhya bound Long March demanding rebuilt of Babori Mosque, Movement against Renegade- atheist Taslima Nasrin in 1994, Movement of 4-party alliance against anti-people Govt, of Shaikh Hasina in 1996-2000, Movement against Army backed Govt. following one-eleven move. Running prolonged Movement against fascist AL Govt. lead by Shaikh Hasina.

For the sake of these movements thousands of leaders and activists of Khelafat Majlis became the victims of the fascist governments. Hundreds of activists and leaders were thrown into the Jails illegally. Hundreds of politically biased false cases have been filled against the supports, activists and leaders of Khelafat Majlis. But it has been continued its activities for the sake of the nation, people and the religion.

Maulan Abdul Gaffar (R.), an eminent religious orator was the 1st Ameer-e-Majlis (President) and Language veteran Principal Masud Kham was the 1st Secretary General (Mohasachib) of Khelafat Majlis. Shaikhul Hadith Maulana Azizul Huq (R.) was the chairman of the Guardian council and Professor Ahamad Abdul Quader was the Joint Secretary General of first central executive council.

Then Shaikhul Hadith Maulana Azizul Huq (R.) was elected Ameer-e-Majlis and Jb. A R M Abdul Mation and Maulana Abdur Rob Yousufi became Secretary General (Mohasachib) gradually of Khelafat Majlis.  On 22nd May 2005, then Naeb-e-Ameer (Vice-president) Principal Maulana Mohammed Ishaque was elected Ameer-e-Majlis and Professor Ahmad Abdul Quader was elected secretary general (Mohasacib) at a central majlis-e-shura session (council) with the present of the majority of the shura members (councilors) at Ruposhi Bangla Restora, Paltan crossing, Dhaka. At present Principal Maulana Mohammed Ishaque and Professor Dr. Ahmad Abdul Quader are serving as the elected Ameer-e-Majlis and secretary general (Mohasacib) respectively.

The renowned leaders and organizers of Khelafat Majlis, who have left the world for the Hereafter includes- The founding time chairman of the guardian council Shaikhul Hadith Maulana Azizul Huq (R.), First Ameer-e-Majlis Maulana Abdul Gaffar (R.), Founding time senior Naeb-e-Ameer eminent literature and journalist Maulana Akhtar Faruk (R.), Naeb-e-Ameer, renowned mufassir-e-Quran Maulana Emdadul huq Araihajari (R,),  Naeb-e-Ameer shaikhul Hadith Maulan Showkot Ali (R.), Central Finace secretary Haji Rafiqul Huq, central industry and commerce secretary Hafiz Mojammel Huq (R.), central executive committee member professor Shamsul Arefin (R.), Senior vice-president of Dhaka city Unit Al-hajj Abdul Aziz(R.) president of Sylhet district Maulana Abdul Gaffar shaikh-e-Mamorkhani, Maulana Abdul Halim, Engineer Rafiqul Huq, Central Law secretary Advocate Khaliulur Rahaman( R.), President of Nilfamari District unit Professor Abdul Wahed Zaman (R.) Joint Secretary General and President of Dhaka city unit Al-hajj Shaikh Golam Asgor (R.), Naeb-e-Ameer Maulana Syed Mojibor Rhaman Peshwari (R.),  Central Organizing Secretary Freedom Fighter Mohammed Shafiul Alam, Member of central Advisory Council- Maulana Abdul Kuddus (R.) – Laxmipur), Advocate Ahmed Sogir (R.) -Chattagram,  Maulana Mufti Ibrahim Khalil (R.)-  Pabna, Maulana Mijammelul Huq (R.)- Kurigram, Maulan Abdus Salam (R.)- Maulovibazar, Maulana Mahbubur Rahman (R.)- Khulana, Maulana Sharif Mohammed Yousuf (R.)- Jessore, Principal Maulan Shafi Uddin Bhuyan (R.)- Dhaka and others. The present Khelafat Majlis is the result of the contributions of the late seniors and sacrifice of thousands of activists and leaders in the country and abroad.

Khelafat Majlis is committed to uphold the independence and sovereignty of Bangladesh and protect the rights of the people of this land. Khelafat Majlis is working continuously to fulfill the goal to establish a people’s welfare and people’s representative Government in Bangladesh that would be based on justice and fairness with the light of Islamic ideology. Khelafat Majlis is continuous, systematic and constitutional movement regulated and consulted with the Shura (Council) formed with ulama-e-keram and Islamic scholars.

At present Khelafat Majlis is a popular political organization enrooted its unites from the capital to the local levels like unions, wards and villages in Bangladesh. Khelaft Majlis has already able to raise a hope among the people of Bangladesh who want a society and state free from sin, corruption, injustice, oppression, racism, inequality, unemployment and poverty.